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We currently have two 8yr old black P.R.E breeding mares. We presented them both at the Bapsh National breed show in 2013 with very good results. In the morphology class for 3yr old fillies Clementina came a close second with good scores, and Cazadora was placed First in the 1-3yr old P.R.E performance horse class. 

Although at a glance they look quite similar they have different characteristics, Clementina was chosen by us for her conformation as a typical P.R.E with expressive movement and gentle nature, we were lucky enough to have her Sire Seni-Farol II with us for a short time and he made a great impression on us with his excellent temperament and great work ethic. Cazadora is more of a sports competition horse with cadenced movement and she also has a sweet nature.

Cazadora XXX and Boudica

Clementina III and Brienne